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FibMatrix Forex Scalping Software – Join Sam Shakespeare as he analyzes the forex market in real time. He spots a couple nice trades, a snap back trade and a Trend Trade. He takes both and makes pips on both, enjoy the video!

Is FibMatrix Simply the Best Forex Scalping Software?

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Hey Traders! Sam Shakespeare coming to you live.
how’s everyone doing today happy
we just had some cable news release so
we’ve got some movement here and I
really want to get in short we’re right
on the edge right now however I would
like to get short somewhere here we got
clear roads and you know we should have
already been short to be honest with you
it’s couldn’t get to the trading fast
enough hey Scott what’s up les how you
doing guys good to see ya
trying to make some pips here obviously
you know if we could have been on this
cable maybe ten minutes earlier we’ve
been good to go let’s see that looks
good you know everything else I mean
looks okay but cable is the one that’s
moving in town yet I feel like we’re
gonna miss the trade you know the hour
is in a strong downtrend at an l1 l7
cross on the hour I mean this thing is
definitely going lower
under big
figure you’re at a level you and you’re
stretched out so a good chance that’s
gonna pop back over which is another
clue to add you for
taking profit around here George you’re
almost up 20 pips I mean it may break
through it very well may break through
but you are at a good a good spot at
least maybe to scale out you know I
don’t like being counter-trend the

wait you know just you got to be okay
with less pips and we’re starting to form a couple
bullish candles I think we could maybe
get a little slide up here to the
one-minute box
here’s plus Oh moszer six seven
all right we had seven for a moment we
may or may not get that back but here’s
close enough I got there we go all right
so I’m out seven pips on the snapback it
may work out better but honestly this is
a short pattern right now we’re in a
1-minute trend down on both of these
okay so we’ll take that seven and then
obviously what we want to be is short at
some point listen I think I’m gonna
probably shore it up around this area
somewhere let’s just make sure this
thing isn’t gonna totally flip over on
us we’re up at some resistance here too
let me sell one right here guys
all right I’ll put a short in here under
this five-minute box we got clear roads
down I would have liked to seen a little
more but we’re pretty much coming up
four previous resistance we’re up at the
l3 and we got a 5-minute box here with
clear rows below so I like short I like
this whole idea of being short of cable
so let’s see if we can’t get this lower
from this spot I mean the grids are
saying it wants to go lower but you know
you got to think when when something’s
moving it’ll always look like it’s gonna
keep going until it doesn’t but we have
not had a higher low yet we have not had
any sign that this trend is over okay
this we just made a lower low and we
pulled up now we pulled up a little bit
past our l1 and we’re still following
this higher it’s lower low so we want to
hold this area for sure and then
obviously we want to try to attempt to

if those setups play themselves out then
that’s great for pound dollar that’s a
perfect storm for the pound dollar short
here we go let’s go we got to get under
these one-minute boxes here on
all right come on +6 let’s go okay we
gotta get under these boxes into these
clear roads and then it should happen a
lot faster once we get under this
one-minute box you should accelerate we
just got to get down there pattern still
looks good the idea is if you’re in a
good pattern if an equal number of buy
and sell orders come in you’re going to
go the direction of the pattern
because there’s less supportive
resistance whichever way so an equal
number so in other words an equally
random set of buy and sell orders and a
good pattern should send you in the
direction of the pattern hey Mia welcome
we are short cable right now in a trend
trade as you can see the head the snake

here’s +6 we had this earlier if
we get lower than this that’s really
good sign maybe I should take a fraction
off because this is where it balanced
last time
six I had it for a second all right let
me take half I mean I didn’t really so
we’re down to instead of five lots
two-and-a-half lots there but let’s see
if we can you know I’ll probably wish I
didn’t do that honestly because I really
have faith in this overall trend idea
yeah and look how neon going to you guys
seven and a half
let’s go and we still got clear roads
I don’t want to give up hips though guys
we start some collecting some tips here
#forexscalping #fxtrader #fxscalper

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