US household net worth for Q2 rose to $113.5 trillion from $111.6 trillion in Q1


Increase of $1.83 trillion for the quarter

US household net worth for the second quarter rose by $1.83 trillion to $113.5 trillion. The prior quarter saw a increase of $5.1 trillion.

  • The value of equities increased $893.7 billion versus Q1 while the value of real estate rose $257 billion.
  • 2Q nonfinancial corporate liquid assets grew by $220.5 billion to $4.469 trillion
  • total credit rose 4.1% to $73.80 trillion outstanding
  • homeowners real estate holdings minus the change in mortgage debt rose $40.6 billion.  A positive value is indicative of the value of real estate is growing at a faster pace than household mortgage debt
  • owners equity as a percent of total real estate value fell 64.2% at $18.689 trillion
  • total business debt climbed at 4.4% annual pace
  • consumer debt accelerated with mortgages rising at 3.2% pace and other credit rising by 4.6%

For the quarter US stocks rose at a slower pace versus the first quarter.  Property values, also decelerated but kept rising as a result of a shortage of inventory and lower mortgage rates


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