Bonuses are not bait but a springboard for steady profits


An overview of trading bonuses and how they can help you

For most people,
financial markets are no longer a part of some parallel universe that can be
explored by the chosen ones only.

On the contrary, almost
everyone has bank cards, the vast majority has long lines of credit, like
mortgages or car loans, some people invest in simple trading instruments
(deposits, individual investment funds, etc.), but the most sophisticated ones
are active participants of the financial markets since trading is their
full-time job.

Here we talk about forex
traders who do not settle for a mere pittance that can come from individual
investment accounts or mutual funds.

They are eager to reap
gains on their own rather than wait for an investment management company to use
their money and hope that it will share profits with them.

It is widely known that
the key to success for a forex trader is the right mindset, a trustworthy
broker, patience, experience, and so on.

However, few people have
ever come upon the thought that bonuses can also play a significant role.
Surprisingly, it is the same very bonuses that are usually considered to be
nothing else but a  marketing ploy.

Actually, bonuses are
something like a promise on a first date: they can make it clear whether the
relations are going to be short-lived or a partner has serious intentions. As
in daily life, it is the reliability, reputation and size that really matter.

When some second-rate,
third-rate or even noname companies offer bonuses, they are most likely just
trying to bait clients.

But when it comes to
first-rate brokers that value their reputation and customers’ loyalty, then the bonus is a springboard. It can serve as an initial capital or a sort
of leverage. It can open up the way towards real trading on a large-scale

However, under the tight
market conditions, a large number of participants, and a great diversity of
bonus campaigns, it can be difficult to choose the proper offer. As an example,
let us take the bonus campaigns of InstaForex,
one of the world’s biggest brokers.

For over 10 years, its offers have been enabling
millions of traders to gain confidence and start making money. In particular,
the bonuses have been helping them with

Remarkably, InstaForex
has a wide choice of bonuses for trading that differ by size, conditions for receipt,
and terms of use.

The main thing is that the profits generated from
any of the InstaForex bonuses can be withdrawn without any restrictions. So,
let us find out what type of bonus can suit your trading strategy, your
deposit, and your trading goals.

100% Bonus

To get 100% Bonus for the initial deposit, all you need to do is to register a live
account, replenish it, and apply for the bonus. The bonus is credited to a
deposit of no more than $2,000 and is not withdrawable.

However, the profits generated
from 100% Bonus can be withdrawn without restrictions. For deposits above
$2,000 special conditions for the bonus receipt are applied. By the way, the
bonus is available to both new and existing clients of InstaForex.

Those who already have an account just need to
register a new one and top it up in order to get the bonus.

IF 3

55% Bonus

InstaForex provides
another lucrative offer – the bonus of 55%
for every deposit. It can be accrued on the accounts that were opened no
earlier than on June 15, 2013.

With this bonus, your
deposit can be increased by over 1.5 times every time you replenish your

The size of 55% Bonus from InstaForex is not
limited and is credited to every deposit regardless of the results of your

IF 4

Welcome Bonus 30%

InstaForex invites its
clients to get a welcome bonus of 30% to their trading accounts. To get extra 30% to a deposit, it is necessary
to register a live account and apply for the bonus.

IF 5

Club Bonus

Every client of
InstaForex who owns InstaForex Club card is entitled to get the Club Bonus. If you are not a member of InstaForex club yet, you can join it
right now on the club’s page.

To get the bonus, all you need to do is to
register a live trading account, join InstaForex Club, and fill out the
application form. Each of these procedures is simple and does not take much

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article was submitted by InstaForex.

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