Forex Scalping Strategy (10 Pips Every 15 to 30 Minutes)

Forex Trading Scalping
This Forex Scalping Strategy is only for EXPERIENCED Price Action Traders, and definitely not for beginners. Do not attempt any Forex Scalping Strategy unless you have mastered Reversal Patterns and Price Action. If you’re inexperienced or if you’re just a terrible trader, then a Forex Scalping Strategy is NOT the right strategy for you. Check out our other videos instead. Scalping is very High Risk, very High Reward. In other words, there will be MANY losses. However, if you know what you’re doing, (i.e. 20+ years of experience like us), then you can do some serious numbers even with the losses, so long as you implement a Reward to Risk Ratio of at least 2 to 1.

Here at Forex Elite, we are Forex Day Traders that snipe for that 1 perfect trade per day. We do not recommend a Forex Scalping Strategy. We recommend a Forex Day Trading Strategy. However, we made this video as an educational experience to expand your knowledge of all the different styles and methods of trading. Also, many of our valued subscribers requested a Forex Scalping Strategy, and so we produced it.

Without further ado, learn this quick and easy Forex Scalping Strategy. Scalp 10 Pips Per Trade, Every 15 to 30 Minutes. You can implement this 10 Pip Scalping Strategy day in and day out. Course Level: Advanced (Not For Beginners).

Forex Scalping Strategy Settings:
+ Any Pair That Offers Competitive Spreads (i.e. EUR/USD)
+ 5 Minute Time Frame Charts
+ 100 EMA

3 Step Forex Scalping Strategy:
+ Step 1: Identify a Reversal Pattern at the 100 EMA.
+ Step 2: Stop Loss 5 Pips (behind the Reversal Pattern).
+ Step 3: Take Profit 10 Pips (within 15 to 30 minutes).

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