Moody’s affirms Boeing rating but downgrades outlook – lesson for forex traders?


Moody’s changing their their outlook for Boeing is of some import for forex. 

The firm (Boeing) is a huge US exporter (or was ….) so developments are of interest. But what caught my eye was this from Moody’s

for Boeing and Boeing capital corporation was changed to negative
from stable

  • change in Boeing’s outlook to negative principally reflects that grounding of 737 Max aircraft will run longer than Moody’s had expected

Bolding mine. 

The news on the 737 Max grounding has been unrelentingly negative. For many, many months now. And yet it has taken that long for the agency to reassess their outlook. I am not making a judgement on Moody’s here. Maybe once I move out of my glass house I can throw stones their way.

As a question, how many traders persist with views in the face of relentless counter evidence? Or even just incoming information, maybe not strong enough to termed ‘evidence’, but enough to reinforce doubts on the view? Our job is, on an ongoing basis, to make judgement calls and then to execute on those judgements. 

How many of us take too long to do this? And at what cost? This is not a lecture, mea culpa applies.


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