US stocks go out at the session lows

Technical Analysis

Nasdaq leads the way lower 

The major US stock indices are going out near/at session lows.  The S&P index is disappointed that it could not remain above the 3000 level. The Dow was up 120 points at the highs.  

Below are the closing levels (or close enough):

  • The S&P index 12-18.49 points or -0.62% 2976.62. The high reached 3006.02. The low for the day was just above the closing level at 2975.86
  • The Nasdaq index fell -60.754 points or -0.74% at 8146.48. The high reached 8245.77. The low extended to 8144.625.  The index was up 39 points at its session highs. 
  • The Dow fell –68.56 points or -0.25% at 27154.41. The high reached 27342.96. The low extended to 27145.78.

Below are the % high, % low and % change for the North American and European indices today:

For the week, the major indices made new all time highs earlier in the week, but gave up those gains and closed lower on the week:

  • The S&P fell -1.23%
  • The NASDAQ composite index fell -1.18%
  • The Dow industrial average fell -0.65%


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