German economic minister Altmaier: Important to avoid escalating trade tensions


German economic minister Altmaier speaking on US /EU trade

  • sees a 50-50 chance of averting US car tariffs
  • important to avoid escalating trade tensions between the US and EU
  • will take weeks, months to reach any solutions on US – EU trade issues

It took longer than expected to reach the USMCA trader deal whiich has not been ratified yet.  

The US-China trade negotiations, have led to tariffs and talks are still far from being over (or so it seems).  

With the EU, it certainly will likely follow the pattern as well.

Needless to say, there are a lot of details in these trade deals and Pres Trump is intent on getting what he wants. The pattern often leads to tariffs. The 50-50 estimate may be wishful thinking.  

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