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If you can spot weekly forex trend reversals you will have a massive advantage over other traders. This day trading system will teach you how to day trade forex trend reversals. Once you understand how the banks tend to trend the market, you can then understand with a higher degree of certainty when the market is going to reverse. Using that in combination with the standard stop run reversal trading strategy the following day allow for very accurate setups that generally offer a very high risk/reward ratio.

Risk/reward is a common denominator to all who desire to be successful in the forex market. If you maintain a 2/1 R/R ratio then you can profit greatly with only a 50% win/loss ratio. All professional traders I know maintain on average 2/1 or better as they know it is critical to successful forex trading. Because we are catching weekly trend reversals, we will naturally have a higher chance at big R/R day trade setups, and capitalizing on them is essential if we want to succeed in the FX market.

Day Trading Forex Trend Reversals –


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