Week Overview For 20190303 – Forex Trader Trading For Beginners

Forex Trading For Beginners
Most people are unhappy with their life.
They’re unhappy with their job …
Or at least unhappy with their paycheck.

But what if you could supplement (even replace) your income?

What if you could spend a few minutes a day learning a new skillset that could pay you even if you lost your job?

I am on a mission to empower at least 10 people to become debt free by 2020.

And this weekend, I attended a 3 day event where 5,000+ people came from all over the world to learn about this skill.

What is this skill that you can do 24 hours a day, 5 days a week … as long as you have an internet connection and a phone or computer?

#forex – and no, you don’t have to be a salesperson!

In this video, I’m going to be giving a couple of my biggest takeaways, then provide a review of the trades I took last week, as well as an overview of what I’ll be looking at this week.

#10by2020 #YouShouldBeTrading

DISCLAIMER: ALL material presented in this post is for educational and instructional purposes ONLY – it should not be considered trade recommendations or investment advice. I am not a licensed financial advisor. I am not responsible for your choices when investing your money. With every investment, there is always some level of risk. Past results of other people do not guarantee nor dictate your future success – that’s based on your level of skill and actions taken.

0:28 – mini explanation of forex convention I attended
0:40 – my mission for 2019
2:35 – how I am able to improve my education in forex and get better trades
4:28 – big highlights from the event (more to come later in shorter videos)
8:15 – my dream, my why and how I want to make an impact
11:23 – how to turn a loss into a learning lesson
12:00 – why you need to sign up and utilize the education, direct mentorship, community, and tools to empower you for better forex trading (especially forex trading for beginners)
13:41 – what creates results? consistent actions
14:18 – most people will work hard on their jobs but not on their dreams (Jim Rohn throwback)
15:02 – whatever shows up in the spiritual (energy/vibration) shows up in the physical
16:26 – something seem hard or difficult and it’s new to you? It’s not hard, it’s just new!
17:10 – in order to grow, eliminate bad habits
18:06 – if you are too big for the small things, you will be too small for the big things
18:48 – life is about growth and improvement
19:06 – we want you to expand your money
20:07 – review of trades from last week (most were made when I was distracted or emotional … which is a HUGE NO NO in trading)
20:42 – #AUDNZD trade from last week
23:06 – #GBPJPY trade from last week
23:45 – #EURUSD trade from last week
24:35 – forex pairs for last week and this week
25:51 – mini lesson in what forex trading session I was in
27:34 – #GBPUSD short trade from last week
29:24 – GBPJPY short trade from last week
29:36 – Another GBPJPY short trade from last week
30:27 – #AUDUSD short trade from last week
30:39 – GBPJPY buy trade from last week
31:11 – why I shared my trades (even my losses / learning lessons)
31:50 – quick view of trades from harmonic scanner for AUDZD,
32:54 – how I put harmonic scan patterns on my chart with Andrew’s pitchforks
35:12 – AUDUSD
36:42 – what is a pip? a unit of measurement & determines how much money you win or lose
37:28 – #NZDUSD
37:36 – #GBPAUD
38:03 – #GBPCAD … and something really cool happened here
39:11 – #NZDCAD
39:34 – #NZDJPY
39:52 – #NZDUSD
40:05 – #USDCAD on 4H
40:32 – USDCAD on 1H
41:06 – #USDCHF
41:27 – USDCAD forex live trade, expecting SELL
52:00 – difference between a sell stop and sell limit
55:14 – how to determine lot size
57:35 – professional traders create a tailored forex trading plan
1:00:41 – #NZDJPY
1:03:48 – USDCAD
1:06:16 – AUDUSD


What is #forex? Click here to find out: https://www.prosperousheart.com/what-is-forex

While you can learn any skill through YouTube at this point in time, there’s something different about having LIVE coaching from someone who has created your dream life with said skill.

I’m so grateful I’ve found a forex trading course & mentorship system that not only provides me tools for determining better trade ideas, but also that I get to speak with professionals about different forex trading strategies & forex trading tips as a forex investor.

The information shared in this video is related to forex trading for beginners. However, I would love to be able to empower you to become a professional in forex trading.

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