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Forex Trading Scalping
More at Ok so let’s look again at another Forex scalping video where I scalp the one-minute time frame.
The most misunderstood part about Forex trading is that in order to succeed you need to keep things very very simple. How many professional traders do you see with the number of lines across their charts like charts most retail traders use. Answer almost none. Professional scalpers understand that king of the road is price and that if you want to be successful trading Financial markets then consistency using price is the answer.

All well and good, but how to get that consistency and what actually is price action trading and what is scalping the one minuet Forex EURO-USD Please come over to my site at to find out more, but let me tell you here that price action trading is the study of repeating price patterns on your charts.
SO the patterns that I am looking for are the simplest you could ever hope to encounter, namely a double top and a double bottom. It starts there and don’t be surprised its not something more complex than that. I can tell you that most professional traders also do not look for more complex patterns.

Scalping can be as simple as looking for price action moves off the double tops and bottoms, it need not be harder.

If you want to know more about Forex one-minute Euro-USD scalping techniques, please do come past the web site and take a look at what we are doing. Also join my community of traders and meet like minded non indicator price action traders.

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