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Forex Trading For Beginners
A short introduction of who I am, my initial failures, why I trade, and why I spend my time focusing on helping other fellow traders be better at what they do.

If you are keen to find out how I can help you become a better trader, sign up today at http://www.hafizzatrusli.com/Master-The-Markets/

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Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/PrinceHafizzat
Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/HafizzatRusli

Contact / WhatsApp Number: (+60) 13-335-5669
Office Tel: (+60)03-6151-8100 (GMT+8) Malaysia 11AM – 5PM

Official (and only) Website: http://www.HafizzatRusli.com



Dear friends,

As our reputation and student successes grows in the industry, we have received numerous reports of individuals who are blatantly misrepresenting Hafizzat Rusli and our trainers. We do not have any affiliation with such individuals. These individuals claim that they are direct students of us, and claim that we do not have the time nor resources to conduct lessons as we are ‘busy’ or ‘unavailable to conduct lessons’ – hence their involvement to be taught by them directly.

We are in the business to deliver the proper and correct education, continuously updated knowledge and most importantly, continued support to our customers and students – and we take our endeavors very seriously. Such individuals may cause undue harm to you, and your financial situation – and we cannot, in good morale standing allow this to happen.

Our official numbers are: +(60)01333-55669 – and all official Hafizzat Rusli Pages, including social media channels. (https://www.facebook.com/princehafizzat /https://instagram.com/hafizzatrusli) – All other contact numbers and personnel, unless specified on our other official channels – are not recognized by us.

Please be wary of imitators – and report them to us if you have encountered them. You can click ‘Message’ above on this page to inform us.

Master Trader Hafizzat Rusli personally conducts his classes IN PERSON. If you do not see him in the event – it is likely you have been caught in a scheme.

IMPORTANT: Hafizzat Rusli does not endorse any other website or portal except www.HafizzatRusli.com, http://www.Facebook.com/PrinceHafizzat and http://www.instagram.com/HafizzatRusli.

If you discover other websites not listed above using the likes/images of Hafizzat Rusli, please report them to us at contact@hafizzatrusli.com

Rakan-rakan yang dihormati,

Kami telah menerima banyak laporan daripada individu yang menyamar seperti Hafizzat Rusli. Kami tidak mempunyai apa-apa penggabungan dengan individu tersebut.

Individu-individu ini mendakwa bahawa mereka adalah pelajar kami, dan mendakwa bahawa HAFIZZAT RUSLI tidak mempunyai masa atau sumber untuk menjalankan pengajaran kerana ‘sibuk’ atau ‘tidak berminat untuk ada untuk menjalankan pengajaran’ maka mereka akan membantu mengajar bagi pihak Hafizzat Rusli.

Kami sentiasa memberikan pendidikan yang sempurna dan betul, pengetahuan berterusan dikemaskini dan yang paling penting, sokongan terus kepada pelanggan dan pelajar kami – dan kami mengambil usaha kami sangat serius.

Individu tersebut boleh menyebabkan kemudaratan tidak berpatutan kepada anda, dan keadaan kewangan anda – dan kami tidak boleh membenarkan perkara ini berlaku.

Nombor rasmi kami adalah: +(60)01333-55669 – dan semua pegawai Hafizzat Rusli Pages, termasuk saluran media sosial. (Https://www.facebook.com/princehafizzat / https://instagram.com/hafizzatrusli).

Berhati-hati dengan pihak yang menyamar dan mengaku sebagai Hafizzat Rusli.

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