White House Economic advisor Kudlow incorrect on China – Us ceasefire timing


A US official has corrected Larry Kudlow. Earlier White House adviser Kudlow said the 90 day timetable begins on December 1

  • An official now says the it begins on January 1

A bonus 30 days to *** things up negotiate!   

A recap of Kudlow’s main points made earlier:

  • China committed to lifting tariffs, nontariff barriers immediately
  • He believes immediate action by China includes reduction of China’s 40 percent tariffs on US-produced vehicles
  • USTR Lighthizer will enforce 90-day timetable during negotiations
  • Expects China to quickly roll back retaliatory tariffs on US commodities
  • Trade discussions will address Chinese subsidies
  • Expects Chinese tariffs on US autos to go to zero


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