A mathematical forex trading system for retail traders. Live preview.

Forex Trading System
Welcome to another example (this time live trading), on which I am exposing the trading workflow of the Metatrader’s Expert Advisors (EA) that I have created, working along with Excel spreadsheets for extra calculations (information), in order to generate a real mathematical Forex trading system. This is the most simple yet comprehensive algorithmic trading platform environment.

I got some questions via mail…

Does Math allow us to generate a Forex prediction formula?
Forex is based on mathematical formulas, that can be expressed along with a hedge trading strategy. Every trade becomes a math trade; and with math, we become real foreign exchange traders.

Does a mathematical formula for intraday trading exist?
Well, mathematics in trading are not always that easy to catch, but this because our trading platform are not providing all the data simultaneously and processed tick by tick, applying the real math that must be applied.

I believe that Math is the way in Forex to build a strong education and foundation, because it transparently helps in the understanding of currency trading, making hedging and synthetic pairs creation a normal (and necessary to lower the risk) daily activity.

Thanks for watching and for your comments.

dr. M Giavon
contact: mtalgosolutions@gmail.com

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